Getting started with contacts


Contacts are your customers, prospects, members, etc. Contacts can be organized into mailing lists which you can mail. Each contact can have as much associated information as you want. 

At a minimum, each contact must have the following information:

  • A first name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip code

*Emails are optional, but highly recommended if you have them

Create information-rich contacts

Beyond the required fields, we also offer other fields like email and company name. You can also add your own data by creating custom fields. This could be for anything from birthdays to signup dates to their last purchase. Any data in a contact's profile can be used to personalize your postcard designs.

Provide emails when possible

Mailjoy is best used with the other apps you already use. To identify contacts between your apps, we use email addresses. While they're not required, it's best to provide them so you can integrate   with your other apps. In addition, if you ever want to update your contacts by importing, you can only do so with contacts who have email addresses.

Ways to add contacts

Mailjoy offers a variety of ways to add contacts:

  • Import a CSV - Use this to batch import a lot of contacts. It's the most common way to add contacts. 
  • Add a single contact - Use this to add a single contact. It's the quickest way to add a contact.
  • Zapier - Use this to automatically add and updates contacts from your other apps. This a Mailjoy Pro feature.
  • API - Use this to programmatically add, update, and delete contacts. This a Mailjoy Pro feature.


Contacts can be organized into any number of static lists that you create. This lets you manually create targeted lists from your database of contacts. Check out our getting started with lists guide.


Contacts can be organized into dynamic segments based on conditions you define. This lets you automatically create even more highly targeted lists from your database of contacts. Check out our getting started with segments guide.

Address validation

Mailjoy provides a CRM that's optimized for mail. One of the things we do for each contact is to validate their address with USPS. This helps you ensure the mailings lists you build are as accurate as possible.

Mailing history

Mailjoy provides a full mailing history for each contact so you know how often you've engaged that person.

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