Getting started with personalization


Personalization makes your postcards more relevant to the recipient. You already personalize your emails, and now you can do it with your direct mail too. This means you can personalize each postcard with whatever data you want. Some examples include names, discount codes, unique URLs, and custom data you import.

Merge tags

With Mailjoy, you personalize postcards with merge tags, just like you would with email. Merge tags are in the format {{tagname}} where tagname is the name of the merge tag. For a complete list of all merge tags we support, refer to our merge tag list. Custom data you import with your contacts also have their own merge tags that you can use in your designs.

Personalizing text

Personalizing messages for each recipient is a powerful way to connect with them. Mailjoy lets you personalize any text element by simply including a merge tag in it. You can either type out the merge tag name or automatically add it by selecting it from the “Personalize” button when you’re editing a text element.

Let's say you want to greet the recipient by name on the postcard's front design. You would use:

Hello {{firstname}}!

When previewed and/or printed, the merge tag would be replaced with the name of that recipient. So if one of the postcard was addressed to John, it would read:

Hello John!

If a recipient is missing a value for that merge tag, it’ll either be blank or use the default value you specified (if it’s a custom field).

Personalizing images

Personalizing images for each recipient is a great way to draw attention to your postcard. This could be a recipient’s logo, the latest product they ordered, or any other creative idea you have. Personalized images reference an image URL for each recipient based on a merge tag you select.

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Designing and previewing personalized content

When in design mode, personalized text will just appear in their merge tag format and personalized images will show a box that says this is a personalized image. When in live preview mode, text and images will convert to the personalized content for each recipient you cycle through. This is how each printed postcard would look.

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