Import contacts

Importing contacts is easy with Mailjoy. You can simply upload a CSV containing each contact's address as well as any other data you might want to use. In this article is a step by step guide to help you import new contacts. 

Note: While emails aren't required, we suggest including them if you have it for a contact. This will let you easily sync Mailjoy with your other tools.

On the contacts page, click  Add contact >> Import contacts 

Importing contacts to Mailjoy requires a CSV. The columns can be in any order as you'll map them inside of Mailjoy, but the following data (columns) is required: First name, address 1, city, state, and zip code.

While it's not required, you'll want to have an Address 2 column if you have any addresses that have apartment or suite numbers broken out.

If you're mailing businesses, you'll want to have a Company column so you can include it in the address block. 

We provide a sample template that shows these basic fields. Click Download sample template to access it.

Below is sample import file. The last name and address 2 columns are optional, but were included.

When you're done creating a list in the spreadsheet program of your choice, you must save the file as a CSV. If your list is coming from an export from another service, simply export it as a CSV. With your contact list ready, select the file inside of Mailjoy.

If you're looking to update existing contacts, be sure to check the option Update contacts if they already exist. If a contact from your import already exists, this lets you override their data rather than have the contact get added to your Contacts database twice. Note: we can only update contacts that have email addresses associated with them.

You can also optionally add all of these contacts to a mailing list. 

When you're ready, hit next to begin mapping the columns.We'll detect all of the columns in your file. From here, simply map the ones you want to import to the appropriate Mailjoy column. Fields with the red * are required. Once all fields are mapped, click Import.

You'll need to wait as we upload your file. Note: The larger the file, the longer this will take. If the upload stalls because your file is very large, consider breaking it down into multiple files.

Once uploaded, you'll be returned to the contacts page. Your contacts will start to get added to your Contacts database as we process your import. Depending on the number of contacts, this may take a little while.

When all contacts are imported, you'll be informed via email and shown a full breakdown of the import.

Congrats! You just imported a ton of new contacts that you can now mail!

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