Getting started with conversion tracking

Conversion tracking lets you easily quantify the ROI from your direct mail campaigns. The only conversion type we track right now is website views. Conversion tracking is only available for targeted mail campaigns.

Conversion type: Website views

If your call-to-action is a website, Mailjoy can help you automatically track the results. By giving us the destination URL, we'll convert it to a unique short URL for each recipient's postcard. The URL is in the format with the c9df8dj part being unique to each recipient. When the recipient goes to the URL, they'll be instantly redirected to your website and Mailjoy will log the conversion.

You can even add  UTM parameters so you can properly attribute the traffic for a website analytics tool like Google Analytics.


After your campaign is ordered, the campaign overview will show you the results in real-time.  You'll be able to see metrics like conversion % and number of pageviews, as well as a chart and feed of the conversions. If you use our Zapier integration, you can even get notified in real-time when a conversion occurs.

Setting up conversion tracking

Only two items are required: providing a destination URL in the campaign setup and including the conversion element in your design. 

Feel free to contact us if you have questions around setting this up for a campaign.

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