Website conversions: Setting up UTM parameters

UTM parameters let you better identify where your website traffic comes from. This is useful for Google Analytics and other tools that help you analyze your traffic. Our website conversion tracking lets you append UTM parameters so when your recipient's custom URL redirects to your website, the parameters get automatically added. 

Mailjoy automatically applies UTM parameters, but you can customize them too. Simply click Advanced options when setting up your conversion tracking.

UTM parameters

  • Source -  This is the specific referrer for the traffic.

    Default: mailjoy

  • Medium - This is the channel for the traffic.

    Default: mail

  • Campaign - This is the name of the campaign for the traffic.

    Default: Automatically created from your campaign name.


Let's say you setup a targeted campaign and want to do the following:

  • Track visits to your website
  • Properly attribute the traffic (UTM source: mailjoy; UTM medium: mail; UTM campaign: my-campaign)

Your destination URL would be and you'd like to use the default UTM parameters.

A recipient would get a short URL like which when entered in their browser would redirect to with the URL

Note: UTM parameters do not impact the URL in any way. They're just for tracking purposes.

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