Local Mail compared to Targeted Mail

We now offer two types of direct mail campaigns: Targeted Mail and Local Mail. 

Targeted Mail is our default campaign type that lets you send personalized postcards to known recipients. These could be customers or lists you’ve created/purchased. Each postcard is addressed to that recipient and can include custom data that you provide. An example is an ecommerce company who wants to send a special promotion to known existing customers. Targeted Mail also provides delivery tracking on every mailer.
Local Mail is additional campaign type that lets you send postcards to specific zip codes or postal routes. It’s a way to acquire customers when your audience is geographically important. No recipient addresses are required or provided by Mailjoy. Each postcard will say “Current Resident” rather than a specific name. Unlike targeted mail, you cannot personalize each postage. An example is a local pizza company that wants to offer a promotion to potential customers within a several mile radius. Due to how these postcards are delivered with USPS, Local Mail does not provide delivery tracking.
Note: To enable Local Mail campaigns, simply turn them on in your  account profile.

Note: Local Mail is currently in closed beta. If you would like to be considered for the beta, please reach out to us at support@mailjoy.com.

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