Getting started with Local mail

Note: Local Mail is currently in closed beta. If you would like to be considered for the beta, please reach out to us at

Local mail is a new way to send direct mail campaigns in specific areas of the United States. It’s as simple as providing a postcard design and selecting specific zip codes or delivery routes you want to target. Unlike Targeted Mail that uses First Class postage, Local Mail is printed and handed over to the USPS to drop into each mailbox along a postal delivery route. You can’t target specific homes and businesses, but rather all of the homes and businesses in a delivery route.

Check out the full Local mail getting started guide.

To enable Local Mail campaigns, simply turn them on in your account profile.


  • A local pizza company wants to offer a promotion to potential customers within a several mile radius.
  • An on-demand food delivery app who wants to spread the word when they launch in a new local market. 
  • An event organizer wants to promote a local event to nearby residents.


You only need to provide a zip code. From there, we provide all available postal delivery routes in that zip code for you to choose from. These households and businesses will be addressed as "Current Resident" when mailed. If available, each route includes data like average household income and a breakdown of age ranges. All data is provided from the 2010 US census. Each Local Mail campaign requires at least 500 recipients. That could be from one route or a combination of several different ones.


Local mail only comes in our large 11x6 postcard design. While it has the same dimensions as our targeted 11x6 template, the back is slightly different due to the postage block being smaller and in a different location.

Personalization and tracking

Local mail campaigns are printed in bulk meaning there is no personalization, delivery tracking, or conversion. Targeted mail campaigns offer all of these items.


Mailer pricing for Local mail is different than targeted mail campaigns. The pricing is significantly more advantageous even at a modest scale. You can see the pricing here. Postcard credits for targeted mail campaigns can't be used for local mail campaigns.

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