Our pricing is simple and straightforward. Mailjoy is free to use and you only pay for the postcards you send. There's no hidden setup, design, or mailing list cleanup fees.

Our single price for each mailer includes:

Printing - 120lb gloss cover, UV coated, double sided full-color postcards.
Postage - First class postage.
Tracking - Proprietary tracking technology for each mailer. Note: Tracking is only available for targeted campaigns. 

For the most up-to-date pricing, see our pricing page.

Pay as you go

Our pay as you go pricing requires no monthly plan and lets you send postcards any time you want with no minimums.  Our on-demand pricing is the highest you'll pay per postcard. To get cheaper postcards and more functionality, you'll want to upgrade to a Mailjoy Pro plan.

Mailjoy Pro

Mailjoy Pro is a monthly subscription that offers additional functionality and includes a certain number of postcard credits -- often cheaper than our on-demand pricing --  for you to use each month.